Classmates Celebrate 6-Year-Old Boy’s Final Chemo Treatment – Video

No one was even aware of the disease that had captured little boy called James at such a young age. James was diagnosed as suffering from can-cer. The whole of the school was engulfed in a shadow of sadness as the news was broken by his class teacher to the fellow students and that James was undergoing a series of chemo therapies at the hospital from time to time.

Every student in the school was sad and prayed for the speedy recovery of James at the earliest.

All were in a very gloomy mood and there was no celebration at the school prayer meetings and the school wore a look of gloominess throughout the day.

As the days passed by the school started gaining back its usual routine but at the back of every one’s mind there was a sad corner that beat for poor James and the disease that he was suffering from.

Then came the blissful day when a news broke through the school that made everyone in the school to smile. It was that that day James was going to walk in the school after getting his last sitting of chemo therapy at the hospital. After that day he will only go to the hospital for routine checkups.

It was also declared that now James is out of danger and is no more in the grip of the disease. A wave of happiness and excitement swept through the school campus and every student of the school gathered at the gate to welcome their hero who defeated the disease and was back safe and sound to the school.

As James arrived at the gate there was a thunder of clapping and as he walked down the lane, there were multiple high fives and hand shakes through out the way to the main hall of the school. May God bless James with the choicest of blessings and live a long and healthy life.

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