Dad Captures Hilarious Moment On Camera After Leaving Dog In Car While Getting Groceries – Video

It was one of those sunny days of the year when one plans for an outing in the town to enjoy the hot sunshine that beats the earth during the cool season in the winters.

So we also planned a trip to the shopping mall and shop for some groceries for the kitchen of the house. While dad parked the car in the parking lot. He told buzzo our pet dog to behave inside the car and take care while we were in the shopping mall.

He never noticed that he had kept his video camera on on the dash board of the car. We all went to the shopping mall and were busy shopping in the store. We spent at least an hour and a half inside the store till we finished our shopping and roaming around the huge mall.

When we returned back to the parking lot we were surprised. Our car was surrounded by a few people and a small crowd was gathered around our car. Eager about the situation, we hurried to our car and pushed our way through the crowd to see the source of excitement for the crowd as they all were enjoying the proceedings inside the car.

To our surprise we saw that buzzo was busy doing different antics inside the car. And that was the cause of entertainment to the small crowd outside the car. He jumped to and fro on the front seat and then on to the back seat, then he would sit down at the steering wheel and imitate dad driving the car.

His stunts were truly amazing and we too stood there in awe and started enjoying his stunts with the crowd. When we reached home, we all sat around the TV and enjoyed his stunts that were captured in the video camera of dad in the car while we were inside the shopping mall shopping for the groceries.

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