Lebron James To Open Transitional Housing For I Promise Students + 9 Other Headlines We’re Talking About – Video

It is really very encouraging to see that many people in the country are coming forward to help and support the students and the needful children to secure education despite all odds in their lives.

There are people who do charity by paying the fees of the needful students, there are people who donate books to the needy students, there are people who buy uniforms or clothes for the students in need, etc.

There are a number of charities that are working for the cause of the needy students or for the children who cannot afford regular education in their lives due to the conditions that are prevailing in their lives.

Today we are going to talk about one such personality in this content who has gone one step further for the betterment and comfort of the children who are in search of good education.

Yes, we are talking about the living legend LeBron. He has a big house near a school that is running in his hometown. He has witnessed the slogging that is undertaken by the students of the school to commute to and fro to the school. So he came up with a very noble thought. He has decided to convert his house into a hostel where the students can live in and study.

The name of the school is I Promise and it is located just near to the building of the residence of the great legend by the name of LeBron. The building is very ancient and historic and it needs quite an investment for its renovation. It will serve as a safe and adequate facility for the studies of the students who will live in the building. It is great to see someone so much concerned about the welfare and comfort of the students who want to study and move forward in their lives.

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