Omarion Says Self-Reflection Is The Key To Being Booked & Unbothered – Video

The best way of realization is self realization. You can every time be your best judge. The best analyzation is the self analyzation. If one wants to look at  his deeds then he has to look within himself and that is the best solution. You can always look inside your conscience and evaluate your deeds and come to know about your good and bad deeds. Once you know to self analyze, then you have conquered your inner self and your soul.

Omarion says that the self reflection is the key to being booked and unbothered. You are unbothered because then you can evaluate your own deeds and come to know which one is good and which deed is bad for you. He also adds that the only power you have is the way that you react. You will never react to a positive vibe with a negative one as each and every action has an equal reaction.

It is the way you see the world and treat other people in a similar fashion that you want them to treat you in the same fashion. You got to calculate your moves before taking a move or a stance in your life. The best way is to calculate your own actions and then calculate the other person’s reaction. You will get what you deliver and this is a never ending process that takes place in your life. 

Thou shall give and not shall take. Many epics and holy books have been written on this subject and one can take their guidance as these books are available in every language and religion of the world. Every path takes you to the same goal of not offending any living being in this world if you do not want to be offended in return for the same.

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