Teen Saved From Seizure After Online Gaming Friend Calls Police From 5,000 Miles Away – Video

A British teenager was saved by a friend in Texas after he suffered a medical trem while the pair played video games some 5,000 far from each other. Aidan Jackson, a 17-year-old living in Widnes, England, suffered a sudden this on January 2 while playing video games with his friend – 20-year-old Texas resident Dia Lathora.

Lathora jumped into action when she realized something was wrong, calling the local cop near where Jackson lived. When authorities arrived at the boy’s house, his parents were home but said they hadn’t even realized what had happened.

‘We were at home watching TV and Aidan was upstairs in his room,’ Catherine Jackson, the boy’s mother, explained to BBC.

‘The next thing we noticed was two cops cars outside with flashing lights.’

Catherine Jackson and her husband, Steven, rushed to their son and found him ‘extremely disoriented.’ In a call obtained by BBC News, Lathora can be heard telling them about Aidan’s situation. ‘I’m calling from the U.S. I’m currently on a call with my friend, he had a it and he’s not responding anymore,’ Lathora can be heard telling Cheshire them.

Lathora shared that she knew her friend’s address but did not have his family’s phone number. ‘When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU,’ she told the Liverpool Echo. ‘When that didn’t work I just had to hope the non-emergency would work, it had an option for talking to a real person and I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that button.’

Prior to the January 2 fit, Aidan’s last treat was in May 2019. He is awaiting a doctor’s appointment for the serves. ‘We are extremely thankful for what Dia did and amazed that we could be downstairs and not know anything was happening,’ the boy’s mother added.

‘Dia had our address but didn’t have any contact numbers, so it was amazing she managed to get help from so far.’

Catherine and Aidan both shared their thanks to Dia, with the teen adding that he also thanks her every day. ‘I’ve spoken to her and expressed our thanks she’s just glad she could help,’ Catherine stated. ‘Aidan is a lot better and hopefully everything is OK when he has his appointment at the clinic but he’s doing well.’

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