Tia Mowry Breaks Down In Tears After Finding Out Results of DNA Ancestry Test – Video

We know that Tia Mowry-Hardrict, of course one-half of the popular Mowry twins, is the daughter of a Black mother (Bahamian by the way) and a white father (European, Irish as far as she knew), but she provided a new insight into where her family came from by disclosing her latest DNA test findings.

Who was behind the specific DNA test she performed, she did not specify, but she showed viewers the measures she followed from start to finish, revealing the findings of her study four weeks later on her YouTube show, Tia Mowry’s Fast Fix.

The citizens of her family are English, Irish, German, French and Scandinavian as it turned out. As for her mom’s side, Tia pointed out that people from West Africa, primarily Ghana and Nigeria, came from her parents.

“What my Nigerians up to!”She remembered. “my best friend is also nigerian. It’s just so cool to really learn the fine details of where your ancestors came from.

My dad is white and when my mom and dad got married, there wasn’t much love from my dad’s side— until now. 

By her performance, she has acquired a strong sense of pride in her heritage and a show of strength from the Irish who came to the United States through their great famine to her counterparts in Nigeria and Ghanaia. This DNA test came out as a surprise for the actress and also it has opened arms of her ancestors.

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