‘Haunted’ Elsa Doll Won’t Let Go of Family – Keeps Returning After Being Thrown Out – Video

The world is full of such weird things and happenings that one gets nightmares when one thinks about these things in his sleep or even while wide awake. You get goose bumps when you try to recollect such happenings that you have seen in a horror movie or read in a scary ghost novel in the broad daylight. But there are such happenings in this world that makes us believe that there exists a parallel world to our world that is full of evil spirits and ghosts lurking in the dark or behind that dark corner of the house.

Now, here we are talking on something that is equally scary and will give you goose bumps when you read about this thing. Somewhere around this country there is a strange phenomenon that is being witnessed by hundreds of onlookers in the town. A family there has allegedly reported about a doll.

The doll is very scary due to its features. The doll has never been replaced with a new battery for about six years. The doll is never running out of battery. It operates on the six year old battery. The doll operates even when the switch is in the off position. The most amazing thing is yet tio come.

The doll every time seems to return to the house even when tried to be thrown away from the house a number of times in the past by the members of the scared family. They say that the doll Elsa will not let go of the family even if it is thrown away from the house. And the best part of the story is that the doll speaks in two different languages of the world. Isn’t it a very spooky story that will give you the scare and give you goose bumps all over you. 

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