Cam Newton Allegedly Had Two Women Pregnant At Once – Video

Cam Newton, the football star reportedly misused his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor. The 30-year-old Carolina Panthers qb has hooked up with an Instagram model, La Reina Shaw, according to gossip mongers.

Shortly after Cam Newton welcomed his fourth child last October with girlfriend Kia Proctor, the public started speculating about their long-term relationship status. Some believed the two had called it quits, but none of the parties have reported it.

The reports were given new life after Newton was notably absent from Proctor’s annual Christmas family photos and it was revealed she deleted all the professional athlete photographs from her Instagram account.

The two have unfollowed on the photo sharing site Now, rumours of a hidden kid with another couple have risen to the surface as a possible cause for the breakup. Cam was spotted spying on Reina’s Instagram and enjoying her pictures as he was still in a friendship with his children’s mother Kia. A fresh report indicated that Cam had a clandestine kid with Reina after the split. Reina gave a glimpse of bare baby bump in a photo posted in June 2019.

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The photo was cut over her knees, but it still glimpsed the tip of her rounded abdomen. Newton reportedly welcomed his fifth child with fitness model La Reina Shaw last summer according to Sports Gossip. If the reports are true, then it would suggest that both Shaw and Proctor were pregnant, which could certainly clarify the breakup. Furthermore, sources claim that while Newton and Shaw are no longer a couple, she lives in the apartment above her Atlanta restaurant, Fellaship, to make it easier for her to see her family.

Needless to say, Newton has yet to notice the reports or declare the birth of another child.

But for the Carolina Panthers qb this is not entirely out of character. After the birth of his first child, Chosen, he kept quiet for a while. He later explained that he did not want to interrupt colleagues from Panther and wanted to maintain a certain level of privacy. If the rumors are true, we can definitely understand why Proctor, the mother of four children from the NFL pro, would like to wash her Newton hands for good.

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