9-Year-Old Adorably Remixes Popular Lizzo Song To Sell Girl Scout Cookies – Video

From selling out iconic samosas to selling out the momos to setting up a shop in front of the dispensary, some girls have mastered the art of how to sell their favorite cookies in the market.

This is the story of a 9 year old from Westerville whose name is Ohio who is in the news for fun and who remixed the hit song ‘’Truth Hurts’’ sung by Lizzo, so that she could sell the cookies for her troop.

Her version of the song was uploaded by Amory Vargo on to the YouTube on the 11th of January. It has circled around 24,000 viewers till now and is still counting.

In the video, Vargo features her own lyrics about the cookie flavors to the tune of the pop hit. Vargoi’s mother Samantha told in an interview with TODAY that her daughter makes a music video each year and was trying to figure out what song she will make this year for the public. She also added that she had played around with a few popular songs before she gave this a try, but when the thought stop her the lyrics just began to flow.

And once the ball started to roll, she had no difficulty in putting the song together. Further she added that her daughter was a big fan of the power house singer and that made the things more easier for her. Her daughter really loves Lizzo. They often talk about the songs and the meaning behind them, and they listen to the singer often when they are at home.

She really loved the message that Lizzo delivered that it is important to know that who you actually are, and loving it and being independent. It reacts from a young girl for being comfortable with their bodies is so important, and so difficult, in the modern age.

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