Artist Reimagines Celebrities As Disney Princesses – Photos

We have much heard about the different artists who as painters have created magic on the canvas with their brush and pallet. But have you ever heard about the magic created by the electronic medium as the digital artist has done in the country.

So please prepare yourself for a giant dose of magic and cuteness and an overall crazy talent. Elena Morgan is a digital artist who transforms celebrities into Disney princesses and the results are kind of gorgeous.

If you ever wanted to see Rihanna and Tiana from, ‘The Princess And The Frog’ then do not worry, as here’s your chance for you to get it.

She uses a wacom graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop to turn the actresses into stunning animated characters, according to the popsugar.

Amanda Seyfried

She has managed to accumulate about 26000 followers on instagram and her feed is a colorful, sparkly, mystical homage to pop culture.

She says that in instagram there are a number of artists and photographers whose works inspire her. This is what she told scary mommy. She added that many artists draw their versions of Disney princesses.

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She thought that there were famous actresses who have certain similarities with certain princesses. The first one she drew was Rachael McAdams as Cinderella.

Lucy Liu

Emilia Clarke

Mila Kunis

Selena Gomez

Rachel Mcadams

She had started this series of works. We wish that she makes us happy with the other works of Disney drawings. She has been giving us many other digital drawings and many celebreties as the princesses.

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