‘I Tandem Nursed Until My Oldest Was 4.5 Years Old. My Youngest Is 3.5 Years Old And Is Still Happily Nursing. She Will Wean When She Is Good And Ready’: Mom Says People Get ‘Get Weird And Disgusted’ By Her B – Feeding Habits, But Urges

A mother who B-fed her two daughters well into their preschool years has defended her lifestyle after she was taunted by trolls online. Tara Corres, from North Carolina, B-fed her five-year-old daughter Ellyn until she was four and a half, and still nurses her three-and-a-half-year-old, Chloe.

While she kept her choice private for years, she decided to go public with a photoshoot for World B-feeding Week earlier this month, and received some misuse after the images were uploaded to the internet.

Speaking to Mail Online, she said: ‘I find it pretty sad that because my family does something that is different from mainstream parenting practices, we are receiving very hurtful remarks.

‘My children are happy, healthy, well loved, and living a great life. ‘You don’t have to agree with or do what I do, but just being respectful and kind to our differences would be nice. Kindness goes a long way.’ The images were taken by photographers Leandra Perez and Samantha Snipes, and initially uploaded to blog Love What Matters.

Tara said that when she first became pregnant by husband Alex, she knew she wanted to B-feed because she is ‘a very natural-minded person’. However, she didn’t plan to nurse her daughter beyond a conventional age initially, and only decided to keep nursing her as time passed. ‘If you would have told me back then that I would still be nursing her at four years old, I would have thought you were crazy,’ she said. ‘I had never heard of full term B-feeding. I read stories of other moms that do and that is how I educated myself on the topic.’

She decided that full-term feeding was the right choice for her, and then went to tell her friends and family, saying they were ‘very supportive and proud’. Husband Alex was initially apprehensive, she said, and was worried about the negative feedback and how that might affect her. However, he is now extremely supportive and glad that she has such a strong network of friends to share the experience with. When she fell pregnant for the second time she said there was no question that she would B-feed her newest addition in exactly the same way – leading to her feeding two children at the same time.

Speaking about that experience, she said: ‘It was definitely new territory for me to B-feed two. ‘But we quickly found what worked best for us and it ended up being such a sweet thing for my girls. They bonded so well from the beginning. ‘I have always nursed on demand. When they want to, I provide it. Once they got into toddlerhood – around two and a half – I start setting boundaries. If I am busy making dinner or something, I ask them to wait until I am done. ‘Now that my youngest is three, she only nurses to sleep at night and first thing in the morning.’

During the day Chloe eats solid food and also drinks water from a cup. B-feeding is simply a comfort for her in the morning and at night. Tara said she was bitten a couple of times when the girls developed teeth, but she felt no discomfort and said there is no major difference between nursing a baby and an older child. Tara said that as Ellyn got older – between three and four years old – she explained to her that bigger children do not need so much ‘mummy milk’ and that it is part of growing older.

Around four years old Ellyn was only nursing a couple of times a day, mostly around bedtime, and eventually stopped doing that of her own accord, Tara said. After that there would be entire days where she wouldn’t ask to be fed, then whole weeks, and eventually she stopped asking altogether. ‘It was definitely bittersweet when she was officially done,’ Tara added. ‘Nursing is such a special bonding time between a mother and child. But, I knew she was moving into the big kid stage and that is a very exciting time as well.’

But Chloe is still very happy nursing at three-and-and-half, Tara said, and she does not intend to stop her. Tara decided to share her story for World B-feeding Week after getting some of her friends together for a photoshoot with the aim of supporting other B- feeding mothers and breaking the stigma of nursing in public. Speaking about her decision to share the pictures, she said: ‘I am a very private person. I haven’t posted a single picture of my children on my personal social media since they were born. I have also not shared this story either.

‘The reason I am okay with these pictures and my story being shared is because I see that I have been given a big opportunity to support other mothers as well as hopefully educate others that are not used to seeing mothers B-feed in public. ‘I have seen many positive reactions from this story which makes sharing it worth while. And of course some very negative responses. ‘I kind of laugh and move on from the negativity because none of those people know me or my family.’

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