No One Is More Real Than Your Mom. She’ll Tell You How It Is To Your Face

Mom… for most people this word evokes thoughts of love, warmth, tenderness, affection, devotion and friendship. As a child, your Mom kept the pantry stocked, fed you, and dressed you, helped you with your homework, nursed you when you were sick, and played with you when you were lonely.

She taught you right from wrong and comforted you when you were sad.

She also chauffeured you to every game, planned every party, and kept the peace between you and your siblings. Your mother’s job was never finished and she didn’t get holidays, sick days or paid vacation.

Therefore, if anyone has the right to scold you when you’re doing something wrong or making poor decisions, it’s your Mom!

Your Mom has always been there for you, to offer sound advice and even to let you know when she disapproves of your life choices, but she is also your most loyal and dedicated fan. Whether you know it or not, she is the one that’s praying for you to succeed, to excel in life and to shine like the star she knows you are! No one is more real than your Mom. She’ll tell you how it is to your face, but pray for you behind your back.

Why not let your Mom know how very important she is to you, how much you love and need her and how happy you are that she’s your Mother! These amazing products are here to provide your Mom with a little helping hand, or a little well deserved comfort and happiness! Now that she’s not taking care of your physical needs any longer you can help, even if it’s in little ways, to care for hers.

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