Viral Post From Anti-Choice Woman Who Talked Pregnant Lady Out of Ab-ortion Sparks Debate

People who are anti-choice often seem to think mostly about children’s welfare before their first step out of the womb. Instead, it shuts off the switch with compassion and care. Most republicans are both anti-choiceand anti-welfare services that provide food and assistance, public education, and health insurance that relieve stress on families. All stuff, generally, that would make it much easier for families to choose to have babies.

That may not be the case with all of them, but the writer Hayley Farless’s post screenshot seems like a textbook case of this attitude. The image comes from Are You Still Pro-Life, a private social media community, and it was shared by a woman named Jamie Jeffries. It was posted by Farless, captioning the message, This is true. This is a story of an antiabortion militant in real life. You can’t make up this sh-t.

Jeffries wrote in the social media post that I spoke in February with a mom. Her kid is now 6 months old and has just been withdrawn by DCS from the care of her relatives (unfortunately it was probably a reasonable removal). But this family put ME down as their next choice baby location.

Farless’s post went viral, and Jeffries had seen it. She is actually relatively well-known online, blogging as The Pro-Life Sister. Being pro-life is an immense part of her identity and she was quite upset to see what she assumed was a private expression of frustration communicated with the world. Apparently you are a well-intentioned citizen and it’s great to see a report from a pro-lifer who actually followed up after conception with an infant.

The only question I can ask you if all this doesn’t teach you how much love and support to carry a baby into the world is required? His parents couldn’t provide it in this situation, so others jumped in but certainly you have to consider the numerous occasions when that doesn’t happen. Like others, I would also point out that raising this kid may have had an extra socially detrimental effect on the mother, and that such damage should not be deemed secondary.

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