Golden Retriever Waits For His Favorite Mailman Every Day To Get A Hug – Video

But what if, instead of waiting by the door to growl whenever a letter gets posted through, or nipping at the mailman’s hand whenever he attempts to do his job, dogs actually loved their post-giving friends? Get prepared for some wholesome content because that’s exactly the relationship one dog has with his favourite mailman in Grand Rapids, Michigan – so much so, he waits on his family’s driveway each day to get a hug off his new friend.

Meet Moose, a one-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever puppy, who has formed a special bond with his new mailman that was assigned the route that includes the pup’s house a few weeks ago.

One day, as the mailman’s truck approached the house, Moose insisted he was let outside to get a closer look at the postman, who seemed just as happy to see Moose as he was him.

As the man got out of his vehicle and walked towards the Golden Retriever, Moose sat patiently and wagged his tail excitedly. It wasn’t until he reached out to pet the pup that Moose jumped up, embracing the mailman as he hugged him affectionately.

Moose’s owner, Meghan Gruszynski, told The Dodo the moment was ‘adorable’, adding: ‘I loved how much he loved our boy and loved how much Moose loved saying hi to him.’ Now, every time the mailman is scheduled to arrive at the house Moose will make sure he’s there to greet him, sometimes running down the drive to make sure he catches him.

This new-found friendship is made even more wholesome by the fact the family recently found out their mailman’s dog lost his life, making his visits with Moose especially special. ‘He loves how much love Moose gives him every time he is out on his route,’ Meghan added.

Meghan said watching this new tradition play out feels almost like a ‘care package’ for the family, as they know they’re able to give the mailman a special delivery each day as a thank you for his hard work.

The proud dog owner said it ‘should be fun watching their love’ in the weeks ahead, adding: ‘hopefully it continues for many, many years.’ I hope so too, because what is more wholesome than a puppy providing comfort to someone who needs it? Exactly, nothing.

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