‘It Was My 20-Week Scan And Ryan Wasn’t Allowed To Come. ‘No Facetime, No Videos, And No Pictures’ My Heart Sank’: Mom Feels ‘Deprived of Moments During This Pregnancy’

“I had my first COVID pregnancy breakdown yesterday. I have really tried to keep a positive perspective during this pregnancy and COV-19. It was my 20-week scan and the third appointment my husband Ryan was not allowed to come to.

My hopes were that I would be able to get pictures or videos for Ryan but the very first thing the nurse told me was, ‘No FaceTime, no videos, and no pictures.’

My heart kind of sank. She was apologetic and assured me she would give me ultrasound pictures to bring home and we started the scan. It was wonderful to see my baby girl and watch her move.

But I could barely even make it into my car before the tears were streaming down my cheeks. Sometimes I feel like I have been deprived of moments during this pregnancy I should be able to share with Ryan, my family, and friends.

There are disappointments, frustration, and sadness. And there are also hormones that make me even more emotional. And while I truly believe staying positive is important, especially during these times, I think it is also important to acknowledge your feelings. It is okay to feel sad, disappointed, etc. These are unprecedented times and a lot of unknown.

My heart feels so much for all the pregnant mamas — the ones delivering now or delivered, the mamas halfway through their pregnancy, the first time mamas, the mamas going into labor and delivery wondering how they are going to labor with a mask on, the anxious mamas, the newly pregnant mamas, all the mamas — I see you and am here with you in all the emotions.

For me, it is helpful to focus on my baby girl. She is healthy and growing, and that is the most important thing. This pregnancy has also been smooth and I will choose to rejoice in those things and celebrate my milestones as we are halfway there! And in those roller-coaster emotions, I will continue to remind myself I am not alone.”

This article was originally published on the on 20th May 2020 and written by Desiree Fortin. Follow Desiree Fortin on Instagram.

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