Why I No Longer Believe There’s Something Wrong with Me

Whatever we believe is the mother of our thoughts. If you believe about yourself in a certain way, then you are opt to think about yourself in the same way.

If you believe that you are ugly, stupid or a loser, then you tend to think about it the same way. If a girl refused for a second date, I immediately thought that I was ugly. Without knowing what someone was talking about, I thought of me to be stupid.

When my post received just two likes, I thought of me to be a loser. I create my own thoughts and then also believe in them.

From where do these thoughts and beliefs come from? It has been found out that they come from our childhood and based on our experiences with our care givers.

My beliefs were impressed by my mother’s death. I was three and a half years old and was left with my substance addicted father. I inherited my mother’s loss and my crazy father. I knew I was the problem. There was no apology on my father’s part for bursting into my room at midnight and torturing me. I was not allowed to celebrate my birthdays. I was not able to join my soccer team and play in the weekend games.

I was made to feel like a offender and was again and again fed with the thought that – I was wrong and I was wrong.

This constant feeling of guilt etched in my mind that ‘’I was wrong.’’

I grew up with the constant feeling that I was wrong all the time. My existence was wrong. It was like being punished for a case that I didn’t commit. Resulting I became a yes-man who lived only to please others. I felt like being in a room of people who never liked me.

You start drowning in an ocean of negativity, illusions, false beliefs and lies. To make a deep physical path, you have to walk repeatedly on the path. In order to let go of negativity you have to start observing your thoughts and stop pondering over old stories about your worth.

Going just once to the gym, does not put you in shape, you have to practice gym for at least six months at a stretch.

So start thinking positive and give way to all your short comings and reorganize yourself.

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