Behind Every Strong Woman, There Was A Weak Girl Who Swore To Herself ‘Never Again’

Through time instead of speaking up, she decided to be quiet. If she saw her eyes sparkling when she was in a tough situation She was falsely convicted each time but did nothing about it.

Each time somebody knocked her down to make room for her to rise. Any time she gave her happiness and well-being to someone who simply didn’t care for her. Each time she apologised she didn’t do anything.

They won’t come each time anyone leaves her hanging without even texting.

Although she was telling the truth she believed the lies every time. Every time she gave herself up completely and in exchange got nothing. Each time she went to bed, she felt and unhappy, because nobody was going to commit to her. She played by the book every time, and still lost. The odds were still against her. Each time he pointed out one of her faults, and she spent hours staring at the mirror looking at what she really hated about herself.

She was creeping into the great hole of fear where she felt protected each time she did some of these stuff. She didn’t want her life just to go through being healthy but boring.She didn’t want to be the kid nobody knew the frail one, the sad one who held her mouth shut for ever. Then she vowed, ‘Never again! She is not good enough for every situation she’s ended with her crying.

Ah, she was caught up with her own bitter tears from trembling. She was sick of getting sympathy on herself. And for all those times she was hurt by someone or shushed by another, she vowed to herself, ‘never again! Within the commitment she made to herself she finds her strength. She hasn’t made much of a transition. She is also a bit unsure.

She’s still afraid but she’s hiding it from all the others. Exactly that is what makes her powerful. The biggest fight you can win is to face your greatest fears every day, to get up and go about the day as if nothing in the world is bothering you. This is the best that anyone can find. She is safe, because she’s been learning her lesson. She has decided she wants no one to disrupt the peace and order she has built in her life.

She won’t risk that, particularly not for someone who doesn’t take her seriously. She is ready to take a chance for the true love. She made a promise to her younger self, ‘never again’ and she does not plan to break that promise. She doesn’t want to let someone in their web of lies get her in coustdy. She does not want to get fooled so she will not allow it to happen.

This frightened little girl vowed to herself that she would no longer be afraid or powerless. Feel not sorry for her. She should not feel or upset. Beyond understanding, she is happy because she has found the path she needs to take. She has found a way to grow into a beautiful, strong, and smart woman – a woman who does not take anybody’s. The girl who was humiliated, ridiculed and ashamed has become a woman who realizes she will never settle again

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