Key Differences Between Real Love And A Simple Crush

Even when you’re falling really hard for a guy, you’re left unsure whether it’s true love you ‘re feeling, or if it’s just a crush that’s passing.

Differentiating between the two can be very difficult as they both overwhelm you and leave you in your stomach with butterflies — the only difference is that one is likely. But when it ‘s love, when it’s just a crush, and how do you know how to act on it? I do know. I know. It’s an actual mystery, but there are ways to help you solve this infinite mind and act accordingly

The thing that draws you to that person would be a certain physical attribute or characteristic, such as their eyes, their smile, their friendly attitude, their chest or an incredible voice, whether it’s a crush that you’re dealing with. Yet when it’s real love, there’s not just one thing that makes it so appealing to them. Everything about them is going to be so seductive and enticing and you’re not going to be able to pinpoint just one thing.

If it’s a crush that you’re dealing with, you ‘re going to feel an intense desire to continually please them and present yourself in the best possible light. You ‘re just going to wear your best clothes, you ‘re going to always have your face beautifully made up, and you’re going to watch every move, sometimes even stuttering to tiny lies to get the best impression.

Yet when it’s true love, you’ll feel completely free to just be just who you are.

There’s no need to always look your best and be careful of what you’re doing. You ‘re going to let them see you for who you are, and no pretending will be there. If it’s a crush you ‘re struggling with, the conversation subjects would be sweet nothings, just scratching the surface, not really delving deep into the important stuff, such as emotions, family and goals for the future.

You ‘re not going to feel too comfortable thinking about the big things, everything that ‘s going on inside your head and your greatest worries and insecurities. It really isn’t going to be that kind of thing. But when it’s true love, you’ll want to speak with him about the most fascinating, complicated stuff. Everything is going to be off limits, so you can talk for hours without ever getting sick of them.

You will always feel like you are in a hurry when it’s a crush that you’re dealing with. You will be continually overwhelmed by the anticipation and the rush, and you will always feel like time runs out. The moment you ‘re in is just going to feel so brief, so you’re going to be of slipping through it, which is going to stem from the fear of not knowing when it will happen again.

Yet when it’s true love you ‘re not going to feel the need to do anything. You are going to be at ease and not rush anywhere. Love takes time to create, step by step, and you will know it will not run off anywhere. You will allow it to grow whilst nurturing it with love , patience and care. Love is not a race and you are going to learn that. When you feel nervous and like it will disappear if you don’t commit to it every second, it probably isn’t love. Love makes you never feel hurried and unsure.

This will develop your self-esteem and make you more confident taking your time. It is not intended to push something worth getting. Whether it is, then it is definitely not true love. You are going to be sort of obsessed with him because it’s a crush you ‘re dealing with, just not in a positive way. You will forget your friends and family and have the unhealthy obsession with spending with him every minute. It’ll destroy your social life, and you’ll be in a heightened condition too much to consider what you’re doing. It will overtake you, in the worst possible manner. So when it is true love, it will also bring you two together, but it will also positively affect your relationships with your closest and dearest.

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