Hilarious Mom’s Comics Absolutely Nail What Every Exhausted Mother Is Thinking

You will still be very ready for the new degree of tiredness that comes with being a mother. But at least most other moms are able to sympathize with how you feel as you make it through a particular day. Helene Weston, a UK illustrator, captures those feelings of fatigue and occasional self-doubt in a collection of funny, relatable comics that will get you to say, “That’s me!”

Exhausted gains a new meaning when you’re a mom.

No, the answer is no.

What it feels like when you get no sleep.

Some babies sleep, others … not so much.

Sometimes we might say what we don’t mean.

Other times things might feel a little uneven.

Meeting a fellow member of the No Sleep Club.

Some days you might feel stretched a little thin.

It can feel like even the weather is conspiring against you.

The occasional pajama day is a must.

Being honest about the newborn stage.

Sometimes sleep comes easy, sometimes it doesn’t.

The secret truth about motherhood.

Every parent experiences these moments.

The trials of bedtime.

The benefit of having a mom friend.

Motherhood is sometimes just about getting through the day.

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