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If ever you are a plus size girl and are planning your birthday party, then just go through my article and get groovy ideas about the outfit that you are going to wear on your special day and enjoy the party. There are as number of good ideas that are coming in my mind but I will list out some of the best ones for you. With a little black dress you can never go right. So I have churned out some enormous variety of dresses for you for every occasion. Plus size party dresses are so good to dress that they can make you look good and have a great impact on the people who are attending the party and also make you feel special. You may take out your favorite pair of sandals, belles, wedges, heels or ankle boots. You may add a fashion statement with your beaded necklace or with a hand held purse for that matter and make an impact on the beholder.

Consider a trendy striped jump suit for the party on your 30th birthday or try on a pair of worn out denim jeans or the very fashionable wrap around skirt for that matter and create a fashion statement of your own. You may also adorn a pair of wide legged trousers with a matching blazer or just keep it simple in a pair of jeans.

 A red colored jumpsuit made up of georgette with a wide open neck line to show off your cleavage. The bottom will be wide legged bells. And there will be a self made belt at the waist tied up in a big neat knot and accompanied with a pair of wedges to go with the jump suit. The hairs are all left open and are combed backwards from the fore head and are held in place with a hair band.

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The next option is short denim jacket that is ice washed so that the indigo color is completely faded and the color is a very soft blue with brass embellishments and two pockets with flaps. There will be a black crochet top under the denim jacket. The top will have a wide open neck line and a knitted lace along the neck line. Under the jacket there will be a purple colored georgette wrap around skirt with long tie belts that are to be tied at the side. The wrap around skirt will be knee length. The dress will be accompanied with a pair of soft leather belles with high heels.

The next gorgeous dress will be a white blouse and a white skirt. The material of the dress will be white crepe. The blouse is actually a tank top with spaghetti straps on both the shoulders and the body will be a fitting one. The front of the top will be open but tied in place with a self fabric drawstring that goes through rows of rivets on either side of the front. The skirt will be a balloon skirt with a very wide bottom and the bottom will be scalloped. The skirt will give the feel of an inverted lotus with the spread out petals. The skirt will have a lot of layers to give it a fluffy look. The footwear will be knee length suede leather brown boots with high heels and will be brushed clean for the occasion.

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