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Jim O'Connor, a Vietnam veteran with a clear uptight personality, is currently working as a professor of mathematics. Known for keeping short hair and retaining the hairstyle of military men. He is always ready and studying his students like an owl. Jim retains his commanding voice, due to his many years of military service, that no student should ever resist. Within his classroom he never condones the edginess of adolescents and any disruption. Jim has built up a popular reputation in St. Francis High School, California.

Where he teaches both algebra and calculus, according to TODAY. In the sight of Jim even the most rowdiest of teenage boys lay off their caps. It was when they learned that they were baffled beyond expectations from the other side of Jim.

Jim is a completely different character from the rigid persona he places on outside of training. He reduces his strictness at 5 p.m. on saturdays and after work, and transforms into a baby whisperer. Jim works at a Los Angeles children's hospital where he spends his hours, most days a week, to care for sick babies.

He has been doing volunteer work for more than 20 years now. The mathematics instructor began his volunteer work in hospital ages back when a friend asked him to help make that vital fluid drive a success. Jim's as a single donor of O negative vital fluid form. He continued to visit the hospital for it and platelet donations.

He has been able to give 72 gallons of this since his first face to face with the hospital, and is one of the biggest donors at the clinic. Jim could see sick babies struggling to recover from various illnesses after a few experiences at the hospital. He figured out, to his horror, just how much of a major cuddler he was.

Jim had found his second occupation with no children, only that he was doing it freely. Jim confesses to love and caring for the children. The hospital's medics are fond of him, mostly because he's a draw for babies. The video shows where Jim fuel the ill babies with all of his love and caring. In addition, the medical staff love him and only keep him in high regard because of the offerings he makes for the baby.

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