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It has been a great matter of concern for the pregnant ladies while delivering between the COV 19 about the health of their newborns and their fear for their newborns. Some of them will do anything for their safety including the face shields that will fit their baby’s face. But the child specialists are against the use of such things fort the babies. According to a press release the use of such face shields or any face or mouth covering is prohibited for the infants.

They may lead to suffocation and lack of oxygen to the lungs and create problems for the babies. It can also lead to blockhade and breathlessness to the baby. The use of such face coverings can discourage the mothers from feeding the child or decreasing the frequency of feeding.

The babies will find it difficult to breath from the small airways in such face covers. As said above it increases the risk of suffocation and blockhade. The newborn is unable to remove the mask by itself and also will not be able to express himself to others.

It is better to restrict the public contact of the newborn.

If going out essentially then cover the baby seat properly with a blanket or soft sheet. It will keep the baby comfortable and easy to breathe. Never keep the baby seat or the blanket unattended at all times.

Clean your hands with a sanitizer before and after every feed. Or you may wash your hands with a soap for at least 20 seconds.

Frequently clean the door handles, knobs, switches, and electronics that are touched frequently.

Remember to sanitize the hands of the keeper or the care giver at all times frequently.

The newborn should be made to lie in his back in the empty crib.

Make your home a non smoking zone all the time.

The mother or the care giver should keep their faces covered with a mask or a face shield all the time. Use a cloth sling to hold or feed your child.

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