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We live in a world that is independent of bias Sounds a really strong statement but is it true NO the truth is that we still live in a world where a black and a white couple cannot stay together as they are being judged. The people who judge them are none other than their own community members. Yes it is sad but true and the same happened with Loni love who faced a lot of dislike from her community because being a black woman she is in love with a white guy. So What, Does it matter so much.

Not really but her Instagram has been flooded with comments like inter cultural and shalmeless just because she loves a guy who has a different skin shade. Let’s read on to know more ab out views of Loni on the entire scenario.

The Real's Loni Love pleads:' Black people stop hating my interracial relationship with James Welsh.' Loni's partnership has endured a bit of a winning over the last few weeks and it's mostly black people.

Now she's come out fighting against those people who are trying to devalue her friendship between races. The personality of television has a few words of choice for its commenters.

The true host claims he has earned "dislike, quot;" mostly from the black community because they are "jealous, quot;" of having found a guy that "likes (Loni) for her, quot; and she assumes that many black people are particularly upset (and probably exceptionally jealous) because her partner is white.

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