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In spite of my repeatedly mentioning that there is no scarcity of good people in this world, I am reminded that there is also no scarcity of bad people in the society. The moment we remember the good ones in the world, we are at the same time reminded of the bad ones that throng the society. It is like the day night combination, that for the good ones to exist, they need the bad ones to help their existence. And rightly so to get a taste of the sweetness of the sugar you got to experience the bitterness of something in your life. Well this thing was discovered by me as I have experienced my life through the thick and thin.

I will tell you a story to explain the existence of the bad people in the world. A man and a girl were dating each other for quite some time. The man was married and had a daughter from his divorced wife. The daughter was a young girl of 3 years. One fine day they both decided to marry. Well that was ok as there was no obstacle in their relationship and they could go ahead and get married to each other. So all was set and the lady sent the wedding cards to the press to get them printed.

She mentioned in capital letters that no kids were allowed at the wedding. This she had got printed as she did not want the daughter of the man to be present at the marriage ceremony. And she took it for granted that the man would get the message by reading the invitation card.

But to her annoyance he kept mentioning of her being there all the time. This was because of the un diminishing bond between the father and his daughter. So the wedding had to be completed with the daughter with her father. What a sweet relationship.

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