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Back in 1995, the detractors and the doubters were dismissed by Tommy and Maryanne Pilling and decided to marry, eventually becoming the first pair with Down Syndrome to ever tie the knot in England, Upworthy added. Today, 24 years later, the couple defied the odds and stayed happily married, and with their incredible story they continue to inspire the nation. Husband and wife Tommy and Maryanne Pilling, Britain's first couple with Down Syndrome to get together, have just marked almost a quarter of a century of married life.

While it can be daunting to tackle capacity and handle a genetic disorder at the same time, through all the scrutiny, the pair has pushed on. We met about two decades ago at a church in Essex — and have not looked back ever since. They initially met in a day center and dated for a year and a half until Tommy, now 61 years old, came up with the question, notes The Independent.

The pair exchanged love details about their life journeys and friendship in an interview with the news outlet. Maryanne, now 47, says, My wedding was the best day of my life. I was surprised when Tommy asked so I didn't have to think twice before saying yes. Tommy and I never disagree. I just love my husband. He's my best friend.Aww! What could be more cuter than that? Okay, you can take a look at their now-popular social media site social media page to address our own request.

The website is managed by sister Lindi Newman of Maryanne, and includes photos of the happy couple together throughout their lives. They've been able to prove all the naysayers wrong through their heart-warming friendship. In reality, so many people had once confided in Maryanne's mother that it would be a bad idea to let the two get married.

Sister Lindi said, received a lot of flak at the time to let them get married, but she knew that was their choice. Maryanne had dreamed of a big white wedding since she was a little girl and that's just what she had. It was a perfect day. Although the pair may not be the typical wedded partner, Lindi reiterated that they provide some much-needed support and encouragement for parents with children who have Down Syndrome.

Most parents of children of different abilities are concerned about whether their children can ever lead "natural" lives, but after all, Maryanne and Tommy have proven that typical does not always have to appear too average. We make a statement as we stroll down the street holding hands but in a good manner, she added.

Many people stare, they think people with Down Syndrome and learning difficulties cannot get together, but we also get so many wonderful, beautiful messages from people who are motivated by their experience. People who are worried about their own children or Down Syndrome grandchildren get inspiration from Maryanne's story and Tommy's tale, hope that their kids can also fall in love and live happily afterwards.

A glance at the comments section on any of their photos is enough evidence of Lindi's claims. On their wedding anniversary, one person posted, Felicitations on your wedding anniversary. What a beautiful and happy pair they seem, they are lucky they have met each other. I trust they have many more happy years together. Another social media user said, Felicitations[ on] your 22nd anniversary from France! I wish you many happy returns!

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