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If you've been around kids you realize it's one of the happiest feelings in the world to make them laugh. Their laughing is sufficient to make us happy and it's one of the most pure and beautiful things on earth. In this close moment between father and son, as he made his son happy, the dad got more than he bargained for! He was happy to have this moment connecting with his wife and seeing each other smile, but he wasn't ready for the sound that was about to come out of the mouth of his infant son.

Fortunately the mother of the child was there to record the entire moment to share with the world. Having his relatives crack into laughter and happiness, the kid let out a strong chuckle that nobody will ever overlook. We're sure parents will be delighted to have captured this precious moment! It is probably one of the funniest stuff a baby has ever done. As the dad speaks to his baby, the little boy lets out laughter that can only be likened to a sheep's.

Although the dad tells the boy that he is a human being and not a sheep, the laughter of the kid is only getting stronger.

The relationship between the two is one of the most beautiful things we've seen, and a true example of how deep and precious the connection between parents and their kids is. Although all of the ears were on the baby's laughing, the father could not suppress his own amusement about the case.

You can't watch this video without making yourself giggle out a little. No one wants their kid to laugh so hard they'll sound like an animal! Seeing how happy this son is to spend time with his family is adorable. We're confident this whole experience will be something that the family will relive and enjoy from time to time with. The tone he makes is something you need to hear to believe in yourself.

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