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It's a lot of hard work being a mother. We 're constantly running around trying to make things happen for our families, from changing diapers to B-feeding and warming bottles. Life can be so frustrating sometimes we have no choice but to laugh all the bad times off. We love a funny mother, because it doesn't make our lives so wild and crazy.

Someone come get this kid, it's not mine.

Nobody wants to be the one on the plane with a crying child. Everybody's going to look at you like, "the mom who brought a screaming kid on board." So, maybe you're trying to dissect them! (And Kidding!)

It's a movie

You may have the world's sweetest, most beautiful kid but as soon as they try to wake you up in the middle of the night from a sleep, it is over.

Send help!

A crying kid is not the kid I would want to be around. Someone informs this kid that whispering is the new talk and from now on we just accept requests in whispers.

I mean everything.

To have two children means it all gets shared. And by all — we mean everything. Even the smallest things need to get divided in half so no one is crying or feeling left out.

This is mommy's special snack.

When our children scream, run, strike, kick, spill and all the in-betweens ... We just need to take a break. Perhaps a Xanax, mightbe a glass of wine. Whatever it may be we just need to relax.

Thanks for that, kid.

There is nothing like having your own child make you worse embarrassed than anyone else could have. We don't need someone in public bathrooms to announce our bowel movements. Thanks, darling.

We're always the most careful with our first.

Our first kid is like that brand new doll you want to make sure your sight never leaves. As for your second, third , and fourth child? Well, everybody can hold them up and eat whatever they want. It's all well.

We're not hypocrites we're just...hypocrites.

We do not want to feed our kids like garbage, but we should feed like garbage because all we do is put up with their crap during the day.

Genius in the making.

Honestly, nothing is more connected than a kid who says they love us but forgets to think about our life. I will write back, "Same Boy, Same Boy."

Yup, we do.

Mommy is crying as she's on her last Pinot Grigio bottle, because we're all stuck sobering and coping with life when it comes to us.

It's a challenge to say the least.

You 're trying to tell your daughter every single day she can't wear her Elsa dress to school. It is a challenge and should be treated as an Olympic sport.

Genius idea here

Some moms know there's almost never a quiet moment to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, so hours later you're left chugging cold coffee. This mom brilliantly fixed the issue.

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