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There are some things our children enjoy that we have difficult time understanding the appeal. Perhaps they make too much noise and they don't have volume control, maybe they're small and they're missing too much, or we can't find out anything more about them. This does happen, and we still let it slide. There is a toy that comes out occasionally, though, that makes parents turn their heads for less innocent purposes. That's what happened to a Trolls World Tour doll recently and despite the controversy, Hasbro agreed to discontinue the toy.

When a petition popped up, Hasbro scrapped its 'Trolls World Tour' Poppy doll. There has been some online debate around a Trolls World Tour poppy doll — specifically the DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Giggle & Sing Poppy toy — according to Sold at Walmart, the doll was marketed to kids 4 and older and would make sounds as it sat — it would sing and giggle, and the problem some parents had with the doll was the placement of the button that made the sounds.

The dispute started after a woman, whose daughter received the toy as a gift posted a social media video. A three-minute video was shared on both social media and Instagram with the caption: "Go, I'll ask you. Tell me, I'm nuts. In what warped simulation context is this okay? how can you get this away from cognitive dissonance?" The caption continued, "They're targeting your kids and you just keep calling people saying you're 'crazy' God be with us.

The video in question now has on both Instagram and social media fact-check sticker on it, saying it is "partly inaccurate" after fact-checkers checked it. The problem with the toy comes from charges that it was made for pedophilia with a special "private parts" button in an effort. A mom said she found the toy "disturbing" in the video, bringing up the children and addressing the "things thrown into the faces of our children to groom them" and tying them all into this toy — the Giggle & Sing Poppy toy.

The mom shared her daughter's tale of getting the doll, then revealed the package and the Poppy doll. Instead the mom turned over the toy to show a button on the doll 's neck, "on her privates," said the mother. And it makes those sounds when you press this, the mom said when clicking the button. In the video it looks like every time the button is pushed the doll makes tiny noises.I know some of you may not think this is a big deal, but that's wrong , especially since I've had children, said the mom.

The issue of the mom was the box  said nothing about this click and that when you makes a gasping sound. The video went viral on social media, and a petition to remove the doll sparked in. The video more than 33,000 views on social media, and thousands more were watching it on Instagram. From that a petition began on, calling for pulling the doll. Our culture is conditioning our children to believe that pedophilia is acceptable, requested the petition. This Trolls World Tour doll named Poppy has a button on her private area under her top.

If you press this button on the private doll she gasps and giggles. It's not appropriate for a child's toy! Hasbro commented. While there is a fact-checking notice on the social media about this video and fact-checking site Lead Stories refuted the story saying, "Despite the concerns of certain mothers, there is no proof that the button is part of a toymaker 's secret scheme to train children for it, Hasbro has agreed to discontinue the doll.

Lead Stories reported that Hasbro's senior vice president of global communications, Julie Duffy, told them not all the Poppy dolls had that button — only the Giggle & Sing version. This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but, she said, we recognize the sensor placement may be perceived as inappropriate. This was not intentional and through our Consumer Care team, we are pleased to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value. Duffy says Hasbro is deleting the item for purchase.

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