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My husband works a job frequently involving over 40 hours a week. This is fifty with the most weeks. He also has a seasonal side hustle, which lasts around five months a year.He has gone a lot, it goes without saying. His alarm departs at 4:15 a.m. each weekday. Yeah, at 4:15 hrs. It is still dark though, no matter the time of year. He got home at 10 p.m. the last night. That was an exceptionally late evening. Usually it's more like 7 or 8 p.m. but still, it's a REALLY long day, because you've been up well before the dawn crack.

What else makes up for a long day?

Being alone with children from sunrise till sunset. Day by day, and out.It's just me and the kids every day for at least 12 hours — usually a decent 15 to 16, as I have both early birds and night owls in between the four babies. I feel you to the mom whose husband is working long hours. I feel sorry for you.We 're not single mothers — not even near. Yet running home front 24/7 is certainly a burden.

I 'm taking four children to the dentist solo, because my husband can't make those appointments. Weekly rates to speak for my middle boys. I have a grocery shop with four and have the oil of our van changed with everyone in tow. And yes, there's lots of people looking and commenting. Which is your witty response to that? I need some brand new options.

I 'm running with my kids (two in the scooter and two next to me, on bikes or scooters) because it's impossible I'll fit it in until my husband wakes up or he gets home. I try to sneak away on weekends for a fast run alone, but once a week a health break just keeps me holding on.

How do we refuel then?

Keeping my husband in mind, I plan meals, but also stuff that will pick up as good warm-up lunches. I join the kids and their kid-friendly meal most nights and at a normal dinner time he is not home. During the day, we communicate via email or text, as I am asleep when he leaves and, once home, he is too tired for coherent sentences or decision-making. It works but I miss talking casually. Too much of our life has been taken down to logistics.

Would you feel exactly the same?

None of this is an appeal. Only the way things are. Current season. I know 100 per cent that for our family my husband is working his tail off. I respect his sacrifice. Yet it isn't coming without my own sacrifice. It's solitary and hard, and when he's away, our family yearns for our missing piece.

All You Need Is To Hold Strong

It may seem like menial work — balancing home life and carting children to and fro — but it matters to your presence. It does have meaning. The value is not linked to dollars but just the same is significant. If things get tough, remember, our husbands are working hard, we 're working hard and we're making an awesome team together. A team doing the hard stuff, a team working against a common cause. We may work on a daily basis on a solo basis but we are not alone. This is the biggest of all blessings. So let's dig deep — we should do that!

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