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Who does not want their hair to look and smell good? But, dirt and pollution dries up the hair and also creates tangles. This article is specifically tailored to provide appropriate guidelines for healthy and nice smelling hair. If you are longing for sparkling clean and manageable hair, these few points can definitely help you:

Wash Your Hair- the first step would be to wash your hair with a good smelling shampoo. For better results, you should apply a cream based conditioner to your hair. Leave it for ten minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Never wash your hair with hot water. This will remove the natural oil in your hair.

Keep Your Hair Dry- Sweat and dirty scalp are the major reasons for bad smelling hair. So, try to keep your scalp clean and hair dry. Experts have created powder shampoo for greasy and dull hair. Application of powder shampoo absorbs sweat and leaves the hair dry. So, now you have the opportunity to get good smelling hair without washing your hair daily.

Apply Good Smelling Gel- You can always massage your hair with good smelling gel. This will add shine and also remove offensive smell from your hair.

Hair Style- To remove the tangles, you can either straighten or curl your hair. You can also apply numerous hair spray and serums for gorgeous and stylish hair. In fact, hair sprays and gels will hold your hair style for a longer duration.

Finally brush your hair to get a tangle free smooth hair. This will make your hair look more healthier and gorgeous.

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