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Breathtaking footage of six massive swirling waterspouts has been captured off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico. The video, captured by Frank LeDay, shows the terrifying, mesmerizing vortexes far out in the ocean. Sharing it to Social Media, he wrote, ‘Wow !! Ever see 6 water spouts at once ?’ It comes as Gulf Coast residents prepare for the potentially catastrophic possibility of two tropical storms, one in the North Atlantic and another in the Carribean, making landfall at the same time.

Check out the incredible video of the waterspouts below:

The National Hurricane Center’s latest forecast predicted that Tropical Storm Marco may hit Louisiana as a hurricane by Monday, August 24, while Marco could also hit the Gulf Coast over the coming days.

As per the MailOnline, Joel Cline, the tropical program coordinator for the National Weather Service, urged: ‘A lot of people are going to be impacted by rainfall and storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico… since you simply don’t know you really need to make precautions.’

CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen explained:

It’s always tough to predict hurricanes, especially their intensity. In this case, it’s tough to say at this point which storm will be the strongest. The storms could potentially interact with each other and that makes this forecast (or two) even more complicated.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has requested a federal emergency declaration from the White House, citing the potential impact of two hurricanes h-itting the state simultaneously.

In a statement on Saturday, August 22, Edwards said: ‘This is unlike anything we have seen, with two hurricanes expected to impact our state nearly back to back. This may mean that people will have to shelter in place for more than 72 hours and that there may not be time to do things like restore lost power between the two storms.’

A hurricane warning has since been issued ahead of predicted back-to-back strikes this coming week.

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