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If bottle propping is one of your dark parenting secrets for getting you through the day, an 18-year-old mom hopes that her tragic experience may change her mind. Chloe Masters lost her 4-month-old son Alex in 2015, but it wasn't until last week that a United Kingdom coroner reported that the unattended baby lost life as a result of milk shocking after a bottle was put in his mouth. Masters had left Alex overnight in the care of its godmother, Claire Sawyer, suffering from extreme back pain.

The BBC says when the mom questioned Sawyer about the case of her baby, the godmother said she fell asleep after giving him a bottle of milk on the sofa. At the hearing, however, Sawyer said she had left Alex with a blanket in a car seat feeding from a bottle of milk. 30 minutes later, she woke up to see the baby leaning over his car seat, not breathing, with a blanket over his nose. The baby has been reported to have lost life from bottle support.

Alex lost life while being admitted to England's Lincoln County Hospital. A postmortem examination found Alex inhaled the milk into his lungs. He has been my life. He was always happy and smiling, and he loved to make sure early in the morning everyone was up. The mom told local news, Lincolnshire Live, that he transformed me into a totally different person. Under any circumstances, never, never, ever, bottle prop. You may be putting your own child in this scenario.

I did it and felt it was never going to affect anything like this and I was overseeing. But it may be that people lose concentration. Bottles are potentially harmful. When the baby falls asleep before the bottle is finished. The baby may breathe in the liquid instead of swallowing the constant stream, which makes it go down the wrong drain.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents should never prop up the bottle and leave a baby eating alone: Not only do you lose the chance to bond with her as she drinks, but there is also unsafe that she will cough or that the bottle will fall out of place. This also raises the likelihood of ear infections.

Bottle-propping can also lead to tooth decay, according to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Often known as baby bottle mouth, the liquid remains inside the baby's mouth as he starts to fall asleep and swallows less often, causing painful rot. It's always, the coroner told Lincolnshire Live for me, despite doing this for many years, always a great disappointment coping with an inquiry of a infant. What I'd say, because I'm not saying to teach, maybe it's the major risk of bottle help that has come out of that.

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