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Being a school principal can not be an easy job. As one aspect, you are responsible for the safety and education of hundreds, if not thousands, of children, and on your shoulders too is the ever-present weight of parents ' aspirations. For the faint of heart, or the low of character, it is definitely not a job. When making the decisions, it requires strong leadership skills and total trust.

Even so, Lisa Love turned plenty of heads as she expelled more than 500 of the 1,100 students at the school, having been principal of Harrisburg High School for only a few short months Families and teenagers alike began asking what half the school could have done to get themselves presented with letters of suspension.

The explanation for her choice was quickly explained by Love, and it was one that created a fair level of confusion. Lisa Love didn't take long to detect there was a disturbing phenomenon in Harrisburg High School students. She had only been in her place as principal for a few months, so she knew that many of them had piled up a string of unforgiving class absences.

Not satisfied merely with steering a ship sailing toward the cliffs, Love made a call that many might consider divisive. Love clarified her choice, according to PennLive: "The thing I've found as principal here is that students come to school but when they get here, they don't go to lessons. Some parents are sending their children to kindergarten, so they think they are going to go to college.

Due to the enormous number I didn't go to college, I needed to reach out. Adopting a hardline approach, Love expelled all the students who had an excessive amount of unexplained, unexcused absences. Harrisburg High School had dealt with poor test results and low graduation rates, which Love couldn't hope to change if students didn't come to their school.

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