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It's not easy to take care of one person. The pair both employed two roles simply to make ends and provide for the children. As their friend, LeJuan James used his own money to buy them a beautiful house they never dreamed, all those struggles and upsetting times pay off.

James is a popular Youtuber who snap to stardom when he started producing humorous online videos of himself. The mother was a Disney housekeeper, and also an overnight cashier at Walgreens.

His father had been employed for the night shift in construction and also as a cashier at Burger King. His parents have lost everything over the years, in order to put their children first.

James may never have said how thankful he was physically but deep down he was forever grateful for their contributions. So after their years of hard work, he decided to reward them with an ultimate gift.

Buying them a house has always been the vision of James since he was young and this day it came true! The second he told them to open their eyes, streams of joy began streaming down their cheeks and James was not able to control himself.

He welcomed them to one huge, spacious and magnificent home! It was such a thrilling and emotional moment the family will never forget.

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