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A small action sometimes turns out to be great for the person that they are highly obliged and social media is a platform to share such experiences. Recently a plumber refused to take money from a patient of 91 years and became a hero overnight. Let’s read on to know what happened. A plumber is hailed as a hero, after it emerged, fixing pipes and boilers for vulnerable customers without charging them with any money.

As per Metro, 52-year-old James Anderson has supported thousands of people in need after he closed his private business and instead set up a non-profit company called Depher. But it was a single act of compassion that snatched people's hearts from all over the country. The bill was posted online for services rendered at the residence of a 91-year-old woman with acute leukaemia. It emerged that James had paid her with a total sum of... zero.

Accompanying the request, James, the father-of-five, said: There is no fee for this lady under any conditions. We'll be there 24 hours to support her and make her as comfortable as possible. James said he was inspired to start a non-profit company, Depher, after seeing an elderly man mistreated by an engineer. A lot of people near to me are asking: why are you putting yourself into debt? Why are you doing this thing?

James has been delivering free or low cost plumbing for those in need since 2017. Even though he falls through loans of around £ 8,000 ($9,940), he claims he's doing the right thing. It's an ethic that's in my gut, and it's always going to stay there. James's main goal now is to guarantee that the experience in his work goes beyond what he can do with his own two hands.

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