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When James Alvarez thinks about the last conversation he had with his pregnant wife, Yesenia Aguilar, he feels bittersweet that it was about something so simple as curtain rods. Today reports: “We were on our evening walk and she was like, ‘So, do you think single or double rods would work better?’” Alvarez told TODAY Parents. Seconds later, Aguilar, 23, was suffering for her life on an Anaheim, California, sidewalk after a motorist suspected of driving under the influence of substance, lost control of her SUV.

"By the time we saw the car coming towards us, it was too late," Alvarez revealed. "I remember looking at my wife laying there and thinking ’This is a nightmare. Let me wake up. Please let me wake up now.'" Alvarez performed CPR on Aguilar before she was rushed to UCI Medical Center, where she lost life from her wounds. People told: At the time of her case, she was 35 weeks pregnant.

Doctors were able to save the couple’s daughter, Adalyn Rose, who was delivered after an emergency C-section on August 11. Though the newborn remains in the neonatal intensive care unit, Alvarez said she is now breathing on her own and he was able to hold her for the first time on Monday. “My daughter’s birthday is the same day I lost my wife and that just tears me up,” Alvarez said.

Courtney Fritz Pandolfi, 40, was charged with in the case of Aguilar. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Pandolfi had three prior DUI convictions. “This is beyond shocking and it is absolutely reprehensible. There is no reason why a 23-year-old mother is lost life and her daughter will grow up without ever seeing her mother smile or hearing her voice,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer told TODAY Parents in a written statement.

“This was 100 percent preventable. This woman knew the consequences of driving under the influence and she did it anyway.” Alvarez and family members will celebrate Aguilar's life on Wednesday. Aguilar who Alvarez describes as the "happiest and most loving woman" worked as a cast member at Disneyland but was studying to become a cosmetologist. “There are no words for how much I miss my wife. She was my world,” Alvarez told TODAY Parents. “But I have to be strong for our daughter, she's a miracle."

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