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Gwendola Johnson is an 88-year-old woman from Glendale, California. One sunny summer day, she walked outside and took a tumble, tripping onto the ground. The elderly woman was unable to move or get up to call someone for help — but her dog Sandy was right by her side.

While Gwendola lay there helpless, she noticed a man in a neon green shirt walking up her driveway. It was Kirk White, a sanitation worker with Glendale Integrated Waste Management.

He was pulling in her trash cans at just the right time.

“You go get him,” Gwendola told Sandy, knowing he could be the hero she needed.

Gwendola adopted Sandy as a stray.

He’s now 11 years old.

In the security footage below, you can see Sandy trying desperately to get Kirk’s attention and lead him right to his mom.

When Gwendola’s family saw the footage recorded on her Ring doorbell cam, they were literally brought to tears. Dogs are truly amazing creatures.

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