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To our surprise there are many teachers in many schools who have won the hearts of their students and were the favorite of every student that came across their teaching career. Today we are going to discuss one such teacher who has been dubbed as ‘’the maths whisperer’’. This was done when his entire class of 30 pupils achieved A plus grades at GCSE- six months early. Francis Elive, 55, has been hailed as a hero by his teenage comprehensive students after he helped them to achieve higher grades in their exams.

The youngsters were so clued up to their maths they were able to sit their exam six months early to bag their A plus grades as soon as possible Francis, who teaches at a 1400 pupil school in Cardiff has been praised for his passionate approach towards the subject that is mathematics.

He stated that there is no secret method. And that all his students have worked hard and that he is really proud of them.

The assistant to the head stated that the year 11 class opened their result together and were stunned to find that they had all top grades in the subject. She added that they did a countdown so they all opened their results at the same time. They had a gap as they saw their results and then realized they all had the same.

They have been taught by Francis since starting in year seven at the school that achieved a double excellent in a recent inspection. How we wish that the education of the country gives birth to such teachers who are as passionate towards their teaching jobs that they all make their students achieve such results as the pupils of Francis. We wish them all good luck and pray for their success in their lives.

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