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No matter what the occasion is, getting a different look can always be a fun filled and joyous experience. A few simple guidelines can allow you to get a complete makeover easily:

 Hair Care- Prior to a complete makeover, you can use your favourite shampoo and conditioner to clean and wash your hair. You can towel dry your hair. If you desire to go for a quick enhancement of your looks, try out a suitable hair color. But, make sure that the hair color suits your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

Skin Care- exfoliate your skin and remove the dry cells. You can also remove the dirt by using a good cleanser. Though, you can always go for facial masks that are available in the market. But, if your skin is too sensitive, it is always advisable to go for homemade facial masks. After facial masks, do not forget to apply a tint of moisturizer. Since, the pores will remain open, it will definitely absorb the moisture more efficiently.

Manicure and Pedicure- Clean your hands and feet. This will make you look more presentable.

Body Hair- no matter, whether you have body hair or facial hair, it is important to get it nicely waxed or threaded. You can also try out the method of bleaching. But, the chemicals present in bleach can darken your skin over a period of time. So, try to remove it through waxing or threading.

Make Up- It is always advisable to go for a natural looking make up. If you are in doubt as to which make up suits your skin tone, you can also take the help of a professional stylist. But, the best way is to stay natural and avoid over usage of makeup.

Outfit- If you are going to a professional stylist, he can always help you by suggesting the right outfit according to your style. In fact, there are also numerous fashion stores which can provide you some of the latest outfits.

Accessories- Accessories play a crucial role in giving you a new look. So, depending on your attitude and style, you can easily get some of the bold jewelery or sleek and sophisticated accessories. These are a few simple steps which can easily give you a complete make over.

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