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Louise Warneford from Swindon, England, as long as she can remember, wanted to be a mother. And when she met her loving husband Mark in 1999, she knew they were going to make the family together. They all wanted to be really bad parents but for this couple things didn't go as expected. Louis had it in all 16 years of marriage. Many would think one would stop trying after such an ordeal, but Louis would never give up on his vision of someone calling her 'mommy.'

Her dedication paid off after she gave birth to a happy 48-year-old baby boy. Sweet William made the whole worth it, and the massive amount of money spent on IFV. The treatments were very expensive, since during his previous relationship Mark had undergone a vasectomy.

However, Louis had no trouble getting pregnant but she was unable to take the babies into pregnancy after 14 weeks. Every time I got my hopes up and thought 'this was it' and I was going to have the ideal family that I'd always wanted to have – I couldn't stop crying every time, "Louise shared with the Daily Mail.

The doctors eventually found the reason why Louis was losing her babies after so many unsuccessful pregnancies. As it turned out, the embryos were destroyed by their own cells. But now they could focus on finding the solution, as they monitored the problem. Fortunately, the pregnancy was a good one this last time and it led to Louis giving birth to her bundle of joy.

She used to be over the moon. She could finally hold 'his entire world' in her arms after that long time. When the surgeon handed him over to me, I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe my luck, I couldn't believe it was perfect, I felt like I might win the lottery, she told 5 News.

She knows how difficult it can be to try to have a child for so many years, but she has never lost hope and she wants her story to serve as an example to other couples who face the same dilemma. We congratulate the excited parents on their new family additions!

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